Anecdotal Evidence .

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ponder this

Here’s a question I ponder as I seek to understand why so many voted as they did: If Donald Trump had been black but with the identical message, would the same voters have voted for him and elected him?

If, as some insist, Donald Trump won because white male voters without college degrees felt neglected by Washington, then his race — or for that matter his gender — should not have counted one whit, and if either his race or his gender had been other than it was (that is, white male), then presumably the outcome would have been the same.

That's what the experts seem to be suggesting. I hope they’re right. Which is to say, I hope it was not simply a backlash against a previous black President because of his race or a rejection of a current opponent because of her gender, but instead a genuine, considered choice for a candidate who his voters genuinely believed is a good person with good values and good intentions, and worthy of the office and our trust.